About Diggertech Services

Why DiggerTech Services?

We specialise in providing high quality first class support utilising our response services to keep your equipment running flawlessly. When you need reliable people or machinery – that’s where we come in. Our reputation for being consistent and considerate hasn’t come by accident – we work hard to ensure the quality and safety of our services.

If you have any enquiries or would like more information about our services. We will provide a free quote for your project before we begin our long-term relationship with you.

At Diggertech Services we’re known for our knowledge, quality, transparency and personable approach.

Our Vision

To increase the productivity level of all mining operations by providing safe, reliable and efficient repair, maintenance and consulting services.

Delivering Excellence!

Diggertech works on the uncompromising approach to deliver the finest services to clients ensuring that all projects achieve maximum productivity.

Safety, Environment & Quality

Our safety management and quality management systems ensure we comply with Australian standards and uphold the highest levels of workplace health and safety, quality assurance and environmental protection at all times.

When on-site, our personnel always adhere to client procedures.

Diggertech Services has been a proud sponsor of Mackay Junior Motocross Club since 2019.